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As a Provider Perks partner, you will have direct access to a unique and effective sales channel.

Reach a highly engaged audience of over
medical professionals

Offer discounted products and services to a wide range of high income medical professionals.

Since the program is available exclusively to verified medical practitioners as part of a closed group, you will be able to maintain your pricing integrity and ensure any offer made available to our members isn’t available to the general public.
Our verification process involves cross-checking each member's Provider Identifier Number against an official national database.
Provider Perks has partnered up with various top-tier brands to offer our members access to a wide variety of high-value services, including discounts on...

Partnering with us is like adding another member to your sales team.

We will promote your brand and products to our clients through a variety of promotional channels, including permission-based email campaigns, social media marketing, and visibility on our website with thousands of unique visitors.

Website and Facebook Group

Showcase your brand in front of a growing community of verified medical professionals from across the nation. Reach thousands of medical professionals looking to save on things they spend money on everyday.

Email Campaigns

Announce your offer through powerful, targeted email marketing . Segment our member list based on their interests, demographics, location, or other data points to ensure you reach an appropriate audience.

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