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15% Discount for First Responders

by Stay Classy Meats

Ranched and processed in the USA (Northern Rockies), we deliver high-quality meat direct to your door. Free-range and allowed to graze regenerative grasses, these animals are low-stress and never given hormones and antibiotics. This is food the way nature intended.

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Disclaimer: We have compiled a list of vendors that provide special discounts to various types of health care professionals. Though we try our hardest to extend these discounts to most health care professionals, some companies provide discounts to certain health professionals only while not to others. We are constantly reaching out to vendors to bring these discounts to all types of health care professionals. If you notice a discount does not apply to your profession, please do bring this to our attention so we may prioritize negotiating rates for your profession as we continue to negotiate rates with present and future participating vendors.